Can you believe this ? 28 Years awaiting! Or should that be ‘a’wakeing’!


Dail Eireann – Vol.363,18 February,1986
Written Answers – Caherdaniel (Kerry) Burial Ground

119.Mr Begley asked the Minister for Finance if he is in a position to make land available to the people of Caherdaniel County Kerry, for a graveyard as the State owns more then 95 acres in that area.

Minister for Finance ( Mr. J. Bruton) At the request of Kerry County Council, the commissioners of Public Works agreed to lease an area of ground to the {2868] council for the extension of the burial ground at Abbey Island in Derrynane Historic Park in the Caherdaniel area. The offer was subject, inter alia, to archaeological investigation of the site to ensure that there were no archaeological remains in that area. A preliminary excavation carried out in 1985 found that there were archaeological remains there and established that portion of the site should be preserved. A further excavation would be required before a decision could be made as to whether spaces could be made available in another part of the site. The Kerry County Council have indicated that they have no funds for further excavation and in the circumstances no further progress can be made with the leasing proposal. There are no other surplus lands within the National Historic Park that could be made available for a burial ground.

Work finally began in 2014 to a new extension to the graveyard in Derrynane. The original Dail question was asked twenty eight years ago. Surveys, follow up surveys and surveys about surveys all conspired to delay this most needed community project. That said we are grateful to the OPW, Kerry County Council and all of the individuals who gave their time in ensuring a successful completion of this project.

Sneem and Arthur’s Kenmare were sometimes used to cut larger trees into slabs,or they supplied slabs to the boat -builders. Trees felled locally were transported to sawmills in Sneem or Kenmare by tractor, and later by lorry. Most of the other materials used, such as tar or red lead used for preserving the timbers,galvanized boat nails, caulking (a cotton thread driven between the beams to keep the boat dry) paint and ropes, could all be sourced locally at Matthew O’Connell’s hardware store, Caherdaniel.