Toys and Games (Cahersiveen NS Folklore Project)

Q: Did you have any dolls?

Yes, but the same one would have to do for years.


Q: Did you have any toy tractors or bicycles?

Yes, the boys in the family would make them out of timber.


Q: What would you play on a typical evening?

We used play Rounders most evenings.


Q: Did you play any games that aren’t played now?

They’re all played now but with different names.


Q: Did you go to other children’s houses to play?

Yes, usually to our neighbours’ houses.


Q: Was there a swimming pool near you?

No, I don’t know where the nearest pool was. We used head down to the beach from a swim.


Q: Did you play x’s and o’s?

Yes, that was one of my favourite games.


Q: What was your favourite game when you were a child?

My favourite game was skipping. I got a skipping rope for my Birthday.


Q: What kind of rope did you have?

It was called a súgan.


Q: Whom did you play the games with at home?

My brothers, sisters and cousins, if they came to visit .We spent every evening playing with the neighbours.


Q: What type of shoes did you wear playing games?

We wore sandals in the Summer, but we had boots for Winter.


Q: Where did you get the shoes from?

I got them from family in America. I can still remember the excitement of seeing that parcel arrive.


Q: Could you tell me some of the rules to one of these games?

Rounders: Played with a stone, pass from one to the other and if you drop it you’re out.


Q: Where did you get your clothes from?

Clothes were handed down from the older children to the younger ones.


Q: Around how long did skipping last?

We often played for a couple of hours. It’s no wonder we were very fit.


Q: Were there slides and roundabouts in the playground?

No, we had no official playground. We had homemade swings, made from ropes, bits of branches and old tyres.


Q: Did you play football a lot?

Yes, I did. We used be practicing all the time. One of my friends had a ball so we used all play with him.


Q: What kind of board games did you play with?

We loved playing chess and draughts. We would use buttons as draught pieces.

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