Religion (Cahersiveen NS Folklore Project)

Q: How often did you go to mass?

We went to mass once a week on a Sunday. It started at 9am and finished at around 10am. There was a choir but there was no Saturday mass.

Q: How did you travel to mass?

We walked to mass.

Q: How far away was the church?

About 3 and a half miles away.

Q: Were families strict about going to mass?

Yes, they were very strict about everyone going to mass.

Q: How long was Sunday Mass?

Mass went on for about 1 hour. There was no vigil mass back then.

Q:  What language was mass said in?

It was said in Latin and the priest had his back turned while saying mass.

Q:  Were there a lot of priests in the church?

No, there was only 1 in the church I went to.

Q:  How often did you pray at home?

Every morning, evening and night

     Morning:  A normal prayer

     Evening:  The Angelus

     Night:    The Rosary

Q:  Were schools and priests strict about praying?

They were extremely strict. We had some very long prayers that we regularly said.

Q:  How many masses were there at Christmas?

There were around 4 masses all on the same day.

Q:  Is it true you had to fast from 6 o’clock every evening    before mass?

Yes, that is true. Nobody would even consider disobeying the rule.

Q:  Is it true you had to buy a seat for mass?

Yes, that is also true.

Q:  What happened if you did not buy a seat?

You would have to stand at the back of the church.

Q: What happened if you bought a seat and you didn’t make it to Mass ?

It would have been blocked off until you came to mass again.

Q:  What did you have to wear to mass?

We kept our best clothes for Sunday.

I wore shorts, a shirt, a jacket and black shoes.

Q:  Were funeral masses longer? If so how long?

Yes (for richer people) about 15mins extra.

Q:  Did you have the stations in your home?

No, we had it in our neighbour’s house.

Q:  What do you remember about your Communion Day?

I remember lots of preparation and getting an apple and an orange as a treat. I wore a suit and a tie and had a party at home afterwards.

Q:  What do you remember about your Confirmation Day?

Lots of preparation and having to memorise my catechism book. I was 12 at the time. Confirmation happened every 3 years. That day I went home and had all my aunts and uncles over. There were extra priests for that day.

Q:   Was religion a big part of your life?

Yes, it was a huge part. Families prayed a lot more together then.


Extra Information

The priest had a weekly visit to the school asking questions on Religion. We had to learn sections from our religion book off by heart. We had to go to confession every month. From my school a few people became nuns/priests but not from my class.

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