Houses 1 (Cahersiveen NS Folklore Project)

Q: What colour was your house?

The house I grew up in was white. White was the most common colour back then.


Q: How many people lived there?

There were seven people living there.


Q: Was it a big house?

Not really, just big enough for two bedrooms, a kitchen and an upstairs.


Q: Did you have a garden?

Yes, we grew carrots, onions, turnips, beans, and spuds.


Q: Did you have any pets?

Yes, we had two dogs. On the farm,

we had cattle, sheep and a horse.


Q: Did you have a well?

Yes, we used to get water there so we could make a cup of tea.


Q: Did you share a room?

Yes, I shared with my sister. It wasn’t a very big room but we were happy out.


Q: Is your house still being used?

Yes, people are there all the time. It has been modernised since I was young, of course.


Q: What age were you when you left?

I was around eighteen years old.

Q: Did you live near the town or the sea?

I was close to both; next to the sea and 10 miles from the town.

Q: What was your house like?

Well, it was the nicest house I ever lived in. Even though it wasn’t huge by today’s standards, it was very cosy. We were very happy and always had lots of people calling in.

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